This Is How I Decompress

This is how I decompress after a long week… I take time to sit on my porch, listen to the rain hit the tin roof and sip coffee.

It’s been a CRAZY week.
My youngest child was taken to the ER for stitches on Monday - car troubles on Tuesday - car suddenly works Wednesday - I spend Thursday through Saturday out of town learning an incredible amount of information that will hopefully set me up to launch my dream business - back home Sunday with one kiddo running a fever - back to school shopping - get the grass cut - battery dies halfway through - charge battery and finish cutting the grass - find out my car battery is dead - and I have work in the morning.

This is life on life’s terms. Some things we can control and some things we can not. What I do know is that if I allow my emotions to get the best of me I can’t solve problems effectively.

So I sit. I drink coffee and I decompress. I take deep breaths and list 5 things I’m thankful for.

1. I can hear my daughter singing and laughing with her friend oblivious to my stresses.
2. My coffee mug is a gift from my children and it makes me happy
3. After 7 years of living here my porch is finally screened in so I can enjoy this moment without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes
4. I have a battery charger and I daddy who taught me how to use it
5. I just met incredible woman who encouraged and inspired me to make my dream a reality

By choosing to focus on these things rather than my issues I will be able to continue with my night and get ready for a new week. Before therapy, before I removed toxic people from my life, before I got to know myself on a deeper level, this would NOT have been my reality. BUT now I get to decide how I show up in the world rather than my emotions choosing that for me!

Happy Sunday y’all!

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