Let Them

I have a dream to be back home with my kids. I was a stay at home mom for years. I redid furniture and resold my thrifted and flipped items before it ever became a cool thing to share on the internet. But then life took a hard right turn so I had to pivot. I walked away from my dream because I had no other choice.


I’ve spent the last 5 years finding myself, healing myself and learning what truly matters to me in life. I realized life was short and it can change in an instant. So I got clear on my priorities and I make my decisions based on that.


My priorities are to put my faith and trust in God. To love my family to the best of my ability and to be intentional about how I show up in this world. It’s easy to feel the pressure of chasing deadlines and timelines. It’s easy to get distracted by what others are doing and allow that to push you in all different directions. But if you do that one day you may wake up and wonder how your life got to this place. You only get one life to live and it’s yours so make sure you make a life you love. Make sure you are the pilot and you decide where it’s going.


After coming home from a conference where I gained so much information and had informative, in depth conversations with women who are successful in a business I am looking to pave my own path in can be overwhelming. Navigating the thoughts of where do I start? And the pressure of feeling like I need to do this and I need to do that and I need to do it right now can be a lot.


But I’ve learned in those moments to slow down. I step back and reflect. I clean my space because a clean space makes for a clear mind and I pick one project to focus on. I talk to God and ask for him to make the next step clear. Then I move. I move in the direction that feels the most natural to me.


There is a trend of videos going around that says let them. Let them gossip about you, then say bad things about you, let them form opinions about you, it’s mostly focused on ignoring all the noise around you and to not worry about trying to change the minds of others. This has been a helpful thought process for me when dealing with difficult people. It can take time to master, especially if you are a people pleaser by nature, but after this past weekend I want to take that thought a step further.


Let them see you shine. Then see your beauty and your flaws. Let them see you win. For years I hid myself and my imperfections from the world because honestly I was already so hard on myself I couldn’t deal with the judgment of others in a healthy way. So once you learn to let them walk away, to let them gossip, to let them lie, once you learn to block that out I challenge you to then let them see you grow, let your light shine because someone out there is in that same dark place you just came out of and they may not see the light yet but if we share our light, others may find their way out too!

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