Life Without Social Media

Last year I decided to take 5 months off of social media.

Here’s what changed during that time:

- I used to take pictures of everything because those happy moments are what got me through all the sad moments in my life. I stopped taking as many pictures as possible and just started being in the moment. I realized my life had changed and the happy moments outweighed the bad so much that although I wanted to document things, I didn’t need the pictures to survive.

- I learned that life was good without the News. I did see a need to keep a better track of the weather but that life as I experienced it was rather peaceful.

- When I first took pictures of myself without a filter, I just didn’t like what I saw. I stopped taking them for a while. Then I began taking pictures of myself as I was, and I found myself to be beautiful 🤩 now when someone uses a filter on me, or I see old pictures of me with a filter it just looks weird to me.

- I found that Facebook was a space that drained me however Instagram inspired me, and I think it’s because of the accounts I followed. Facebook had drama where Instagram was full of people chasing goals, creating beautiful things and sharing real, yet encouraging moments.

This picture is not something I would have shared in the past. I am bigger than I prefer to be, my skin is pale, and my hair is messy… but when I look at this video, I do not see a woman who was paralyzed by depression, fear and anxiety. I see a woman who is living.

When I get to the end of my life I won’t look back and wish I was tanner or skinner. I will regret the moments I didn’t allow myself to live.

This morning I woke up as always and I looked a social media. I saw a woman who instantly changed my mood, not because of anything she did or said but because it was obvious she was confidently living her life. Instantly my mind said “get up and get dressed, you’ve got things to do!”

Something clicked. How silly was it that I needed encouragement to get up and chase my dreams. They are MY dreams, and they are dreams that I believe God has already blessed, yet for some reason I have struggled to get out of bed. Not anymore!

I will no longer quite myself or make myself smaller. I belong in this world. I want to show up. I want to take up space. But mostly I want to show others who may be struggling to get out of bed to JUST DO IT!! Who cares what they think?! Who cares what they have to say?! What matters is what you think about yourself!!

And if you haven’t watched the sunset while dancing on the beach, I highly recommend it! 10/10 you won’t regret it!!



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