Do you struggle with faith?

I remember the first time I heard someone say “give it to God”. It seemed like a simple concept until I actually tried to do it.

Years later I can say I have gotten pretty good at it, not perfect, but far better than I ever thought possible.

God changes you. Making a choice to choose him and his way makes way for change. It’s like going to the gym. The first time you go can be overwhelming. You walk around kinda feeling like you don’t belong there and you have no idea what all these machines do. So you decide to get on the treadmill cause that seems simple enough. I mean we walk every day, right? That’s when you start watching the people around you. You see how certain machines work and you think “I can do that”. Before you know it, you have your headphones, gym playlist, and you walk in like you’ve been going for years.

I think our faith is the similar. Results vary based on your willingness to learn, to ask questions and to seek a better understanding. If you never get off the treadmill you will miss out on all the other areas you can improve in.

If you just walk in church on Sunday and go through the motions and go home, it’s likely not much will change. BUT if you listen, if you sing, if you take notes, if you go over those notes later in the week, if you meet people at the church, if you volunteer, if you go to the small groups, if you ask questions, those are just some of the ways you will see your faith grow, and it happens almost without knowing.

I recently noticed people around me worrying about every little thing in their day. I recognized my old self in them but also recognized the change Jesus has made in me. I am thankful to have peace in my life but I want to help others find that same peace. That’s why I share, because the goodness of God is real and available to anyone who seeks it.

What are some of the areas you lack the ability to give to God? Why do you think it’s a struggle for you?

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