5 Videos I Watch When I Feel Defeated

When I first decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired I turned to the internet for help. Most of the people around me were also tired of hearing about my problems, were dealing with their own problems or I had pushed them away so far that I knew I couldn’t reach out. 

I needed a huge shift and I needed it right away. Mindfulness was new to me. I had heard things like “mind over matter” and a few other popular sayings but at this point I needed something that would motivate me to action but also wasn’t full of fluff. I need reality and motivation. 

I came across a number of videos that really helped motivate me to get up and change my life. I had been listening to sermons daily to survive my messy life and it taught me how to forgive myself for my mess but I needed something to help me fight my way out of the mess. 

Below I am linking 5 videos I saved on my YouTube playlist and listened to them weekly, if not daily!

1. Eric Thomas - How bad do you want it. 

2. Eric Thomas - You owe you

3. Matthew McConaughey - This is why you’re not happy

4. Wake Up and Work Hard

5. I Can, I Will, I Must


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