DIY Thrifted Halloween Decor

DIY Upcycled Halloween Decor

I was looking for a fun DIY Halloween project to decorate my home with. I didn’t really know what I was looking for so of course my first stop was the thrift store. I found an outdated floral swag and headed to the dollar tree. My original thought was to decorate it like a wreath so I grabbed everything I liked but wasn’t exactly sure what the plan was going to be. 

First, I plopped off the flowers, grabbed some left over spray paint and painted everything black.  

While the paint dried I used my new Lynn Lilly hot glue gun (this thing is awesome) and added the glittery skulls I got from the dollar tree to the centers of the flowers. I had the perfect amount and it came out so much cuter than I expected. 

Next I glued the flowers back on. 

I made a bow and added a big spider. It came out so much better than expected and I ended up only spending $6.75 on the whole project! 


I decided to hang it in my dining room and I absolutely love how it turned out!! 

Now I have to decide what to add under it. Suggestions? 

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